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Isko’s Jeggings Celebrate a Decade of Comfort and Stretch

The denim industry may one day be segmented by life before Isko’s Jeggings, and life after it.

Isko marked the 10th anniversary of the game-changing super stretch denim technology with a special exhibition in Amsterdam on Wednesday. The event celebrated how Jeggings influenced denim fashion and performance over the past decade by becoming an important ingredient in women’s denim for work and play, as well as forging a new skinny jean category for men.

The exhibit featured vignettes with models wearing the fabrications to school, work, the yoga studio and while traveling or riding a motorcycle.

Isko launched Jeggings in 2008 as a technology for soft and lightweight skinny jeans. With its second-skin comfort and fit, the technology helps sculpt and shape the body with superior elasticity—key traits for the skinny jean.

“Isko Jeggings is only one of the many products Isko wants to celebrate, and this year being the 10th anniversary, it is a great opportunity to start telling the story behind denim fabrics we all use and love in our everyday lives,” the company stated. “Consumers are more and more interested to learn where their clothes come from and Isko is an important part of the denim garments they have in their closets, and probably had for years without knowing the innovation and technology behind most of them.”

Storytelling is the next area of focus for the Turkish denim mill as it works to reenforce its partnerships with brands to share their joint stories with consumers.

“Denim starts from the fabric, the innovation that goes into the many benefits we experience, it is constantly evolving and trying to be better, more responsible, and we want to reach out to the final consumers so they can learn more about Isko and make conscious decisions when buying a garment,” Isko said. “It is a unique fabric that has the capacity to tell a different story in the hands of different brands, people and lifestyles.”