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Isko and Mustang Partner on New Stretch Denim Collection

The newest denim range from Mustang delivers two key trends in the denim market: stretch and an authentic denim look.

The European denim brand teamed up with its long-time mill partner, Isko, to launch MoveOn, a men’s and women’s Fall ’19 denim collection made with Isko’s patented Blue Skin technology.

The lightweight stretch fabric offers a second skin feeling and is designed to move with the body. MoveOn jeans boast 360-degree elasticity and expand in all directions, providing the wearer with support and comfort. And as a result of the special weaving technique, jeans in the MoveOn collection have an authentic denim look with contemporary washings.

With MoveOn, both companies continue their collaboration to deliver innovative denim for consumers with on-the-go lifestyles. In a press release, Daniel Peterburs, Mustang chief product officer, says the partnership enhances the brand’s values of freedom, adventure and authenticity, which he added are “100 percent reflected in the denim.”

“The jeans establish a new level of wearing comfort for everyone who loves denim,” he continued. “These are real purchasing arguments for the customer and therefore, a competitive advantage in the market. We have confidence that the MoveOn jeans will establish themselves as the denim must-have for everyone who wears jeans.”

The launch of MoveOn will be accompanied by various marketing and sales activities, including point-of-sale materials, hangtags, pocket flashers and labels on the product, which illustrate the advantages of the new MoveOn jeans. Mustang will also roll out a “denim ambassador” training program to support the sales staff in Mustang’s stores.