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Isko Expands 2022 Fabric Collection with Youthful Additions

There’s more to love in Isko’s 2022 fabric collection.

The denim textile manufacturer’s Collection Vol. 2 expands on the four product lines it introduced in its Vol. 1 collection in February with additional colors and technical features.

In the Denim Lovers range, which answers the demand for authentic fits and modern-vintage washes, Isko added washes that range from blue to black and create a naturally green cast. Though Denim Lovers maintains the original legacy of denim, fabrics are enhanced with stretch technologies such as Isko Recall, a durable shape memory fabric, and Isko Reform, a shaping and defining fabric with exceptional recovery.

Isko’s Simplify range offers an assortment of its best-selling stretch, comfort and rigid fabrics—reliable favorites for core items. It uses Isko EFD technology—known as “eco for dye”—to achieve intricate washes, from pale pastels to more vibrant colors that are becoming post-pandemic consumers’ preference. The technology skips the pre-bleaching process normally used for RFD fabrics. By doing this, it reduces the use of energy, chemicals and water.

As comfort continues to be in high demand, the Isko Comfy range delivers fabrics for loose and sporty silhouettes. The soft and drapey fabrics add an elevated look and touch to relaxed yet versatile garments. Using Isko BlueJym, the collection preserves the original look of denim while offering a soft hand feel typically associated with knitwear. The collection is updated with metallic finishes, colorful dye effects and soft rinses geared toward the youth market.

This shift, coupled with Gen Z’s optimism, is helping to fuel Isko’s updated Euphoria collection, an assortment of fabrics that channels runway-ready looks with glitter, eye-catching coatings and other expressive details. Isko’s Jeather, a vegan alternative to real leather, lives here. The stretch fabric provides a “figure-hugging, flattering fit” and is available in a range of finishes, including matte and shiny.

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The statement-making denim arrives at the perfect time. According to product intelligence company Trendalytics, post-pandemic shoppers are gravitating toward “maximalist” styles marked by bold colors and trippy prints.

The fabrics in all four product lines are made entirely with Isko’s R-Two platform, which incorporates a mixture of reused cotton from Isko’s own production waste, and recycled polyester derived from PET bottles. Certified to Textile Exchange credentials, the collection ensures complete traceability of raw materials.

Across all ranges, Isko is working to increase its recycled material content to over 50 percent, and R-Two is helping the company get there. Brands are already utilizing the circular fabric: In February, Italian brand High debuted a Spring/Summer 2021 collection featuring a women’s denim jacket and jeans made Isko’s R-Two family of circular fabrics.

The denim industry is collectively working to shift away from virgin materials in the name of circularity. Innovations in recycled fibers have made it possible to envision a future in which fashion is a continuous cycle of rebirth, creating new garments without further straining the world’s resources.