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Isko Launches Virtual Showroom; Boosts Circularity Capabilities

Denim ingredient brand Isko is embracing new ways to conduct business.

The sustainable mill launched the first phase of Isko World, a digital platform designed to emulate the look and feel of a traditional sales showroom.

Described an “informative resource” for visitors to Isko’s website as well as the company’s sales and marketing teams to use when meeting with current and new and future partners, Isko World serves as an educational space to explore, interact with and learn about the latest collection or initiatives.

In particular, there is a “room” dedicated to Isko’s ongoing commitment to Responsible Innovation, with detailed information about how the company is approaching its environmental and social responsibilities throughout every aspect of the business.

Every product on display has been fully rendered as opposed to using 360-degree photography to make the site scalable and easy to update with fresh, new content on a regular basis.

Isko is embracing new ways to conduct business through licensing deals and a new virtual showroom.
Isko World Courtesy

The launch of Isko World follows the recent announcement that Isko is partnering with competitor Soorty to produce garment collections exclusively for the U.S. market. The “landmark” licensing deal is an example of how the company is challenging traditional practices in fabric sourcing and production.

Isko also announced a licensing agreement for Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel’s (HKRITA) award-winning Green Machine,  a technology that fully separates and recycles cotton and polyester blends at scale. The closed loop process uses only water, heat and less than five percent biodegradable green chemicals.

The technology is still in the pilot stage, but represents an additional step in Isko’s drive to improve and commercialize recycling technologies that will eventually enable the company to offer a 100 percent post-consumer recycling solution to all of its customers. The companies plan to work together on additional technologies.

Isko is embracing new ways to conduct business through licensing deals and a new virtual showroom.
HKRITA’s Green Machine Courtesy

“We are moving towards a new era in the textile industry, where the focus is quickly shifting to sharing economy models and resulting in a rethinking of the old ways of exchanging goods and services,” said Marco Lucietti, Isko director of strategic projects.

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Though the tactile experience of fabric sourcing cannot be duplicated on screen, the pandemic has accelerated the denim industry’s adoption of virtual showrooms and digital catalogs.

Calik Denim recently launched a QR Code Integrated System that allows clients to scan a code on a hangtag that reveals information on the fabric’s fiber origin, its life cycle assessment (LCA) scores and environmental impact across eight different categories. In 2020, Diesel introduced Hyperoom, a 360-degree digital platform and exhibition space to facilitate orders with vendors and buyers. Trade fairs Denim Première Vision and Kingpins have each introduced their own virtual alternative to in-person meetings.

Isko’s digital solution, however, is not intended to replace physical meetings.

Through Isko World, Joost Verbeek, Isko senior manager of digital communication, said the company is able to “supplement and find additional ways to engage with its customers outside of traditional channels such as face-to-face sales meetings, trade shows and the company’s website.”

“We know that virtual reality experiences are more memorable and engaging than static, digital formats so developing a 3D digital virtual showroom was the ideal solution,” Verbeek said.

Isko plans to continue to develop and add new rooms and functionalities to the digital platform.

The site was created in collaboration with Like Digital and Partners and Moyosa Media, experts in creating digital experiences, and is designed for use on desktop or mobile devices.