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Lenzing Launches Its Sixth Sustainable Denim Wardrobe Capsule

Lenzing Group is keeping it simple. The fiber giant unveiled its sixth collaborative Sustainable Denim Wardrobe capsule collection called “Simple Pleasures.”

Created to showcase its Tencel Lyocell fiber and its variants, the collection centers on classic pieces made with fabrics from Bossa Denim, Cone Denim, Kaihara, Orta Anadolu and Prosperity. Lenzing also worked with Dutch digital printer House of U, garment maker Denim Moda, sewing thread supplier Coats, trims supplier Jawaid Bross and Brazilian print designer Betina Grosser Martins. Laundry technology company Jeanologia provided the garment finishing for the collection.

The concept for the collection was inspired by Ingrid Fetell Lee’s book called “Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness.”

“In the book the author explores how the seemingly mundane spaces and objects we interact with every day have surprising and powerful effects on our mood. This reflects exactly [the] message and emotions that we wanted to communicate through this collection,” said Michael Kininmonth, denim project leader for the Lenzing Group.

“Simple Pleasures” collection

For the collection, the team polled 50 people online to share their everyday source of joy that helped get them through the pandemic. The resulting 17-piece collection includes a safari jacket, a reversible waistcoat, a men’s coat, a top and midi skirt, and a printed blouse.

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Martins also considered her own simple pleasures before creating the collection’s signature print. Some of hers included being near the water, sitting under a tree, feeling the sunshine or a light breeze on her skin and smelling freshly laundered bed sheets.

“After months incarcerated in our homes, I underestimated the precious inputs we get from ordinary activities, as well as the freedom to act on new ideas, change my mind or doing things spontaneously,” she said. “This project not only offered me the opportunity to think about and reconnect myself to the simple-but-pleasurable things in my life, but to also dive into other people’s through the collaborative design process we made.”

The print she created, which is based on surrealism with psychedelic overtones, has elements that run throughout the collection, including fully printed garments and printed pocket linings. House of U digitally printed it on two different 100 percent Tencel fabrics, a lightweight satin and a medium-weight twill.

Lenzing will display pieces from the collection at its booth at Kingpins Amsterdam next week.

Earlier this month Jeanologia helped inaugurate the two-day “Future of Fashion” gathering about sustainable fashion in Valencia, Spain where activities, talks and workshops focused six main themes: raw materials; design; supply chain; production; consumption and waste; and emissions and biodiversity. While there, Jeanologia met with members of the Swedish embassy in Spain and representatives from H&M and Ikea, among others, to discuss potential collaborations.