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The Lycra Company Settles Denim Patent Case

The Lycra Company, a developer of fiber and technology solutions for the textile and apparel industry, on Wednesday announced a settlement related to its ongoing global efforts to protect its intellectual property (IP), including patents and trademarks, from infringement worldwide.

The Jiangsu Authority in China recently mediated a lawsuit initiated by the Wilmington, Del.-based Lycra Company against four companies found to be infringing on its dual core patents for denim, the fiber firm said.

This came after the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration in October issued a formal decision in support of the Lycra Company patents for its dual core and multi-core patents for denim against third parties in China. These third parties were selling fibers and goods the Lycra Company deemed to infringe on its brand patents.

“The cases for infringement have been decided,” Bridget Sciamanna, general counsel of the Lycra Company, said. “In consideration of dropping charges against all the companies involved, a financial settlement has been reached for an undisclosed amount. In addition, these companies have agreed to cease infringing on our patents.”

As part of its ongoing effort to combat misuse and trademark infringement of its brands globally, the company actively searches online marketplaces to find listings for fabrics and garments that attempt to capitalize on its brands’ positive reputations to drive sales, despite its products not being used.

Only fabrics and garments that have been tested and certified by the Lycra Company to confirm they contain its fibers and meet its brands’ performance standards are eligible to use its trademarks. In October, the company said that over the past year, it had successfully removed 2,400 website listings and over 800 social media profiles and posts that infringed on its trademarks.

The Lycra Company owns consumer and trade brands such as the 64-yesr-old Lycra, the first commercial spandex yarn, as well as Lycra HyFit, Lycra T400, Coolmax, Thermolite, Elaspan, Supplex and Tactel. The company focuses on adding value to its customers’ products by developing innovations designed to meet consumer needs for comfort and lasting performance.