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Naveena Denim Mills Talks Its Evolution in Denim

Since 2003, Naveena Denim Mills has been learning, leading and advancing in denim—thanks in no small part to its focus on research and flexibility.

And its sustainability efforts, like its use of environmentally friendly fibers and raw materials sourced in its supply chain, proves that the company is committed to protecting the planet.

NDM’s sound business acumen has translated into international success. Today, the company exports to more than 40 countries; has a global network and sales offices in all the major manufacturing regions; and services some of the biggest companies in the apparel industry, including Zara, Gap, C&A, Topman and Mango.

The secret ingredient to NDM’s success has been in its innovative approach, and its dedication to closely monitoring the latest trends and market demands. Here, Carved in Blue chats with Ms Aydan Tuzun, head of global sales and marketing at NDM about its new denim concept, Eternal Colors, and the purpose behind its introduction of LENZING™ Modal Black into its production cycle.

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