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Italian Chemical Company Officina+39 Is on an ‘Aqualess Mission’

Italian sustainable chemicals company Officina+39 is expanding upon its solutions for giving denim the aged appearance consumers adore. The company recently introduced Aqualess Mission, its collection of technologies that help laundries achieve the look of perfectly worn-in jeans in a sustainable way.

Featured in this collection is Oz-One Powder, which was developed while Italy was on lockdown during the first half of 2020. Using conventional machines without water, the Oz-One particles break down indigo and sulphur black dyes, as well as Officina+39’s dischargeable dyestuffs series called Nebudye D. While comparable to ozone technology, which uses ozone gas to naturally bleach down garments, Oz-One is a chlorine- and potassium permanganate-free powder that requires no water or temperature during application—just machine rotation.

Also featured in the collection is Remover BC, a “laser booster” that increases the laser effect on indigo or dischargeable dyestuff. The process not only saves time and energy, but also prevents fabric from tearing during the distressing process.

To create abrasions, Officina+39 introduced Aqualess Aged, a waterless compound that can be used on both black and indigo denim. The Aqualess Mission process can replace conventional desizing, stone washing and bleaching treatments.

While each solution can be used on its own, by combining the products, companies can achieve significant savings. Officina+39 estimates a 75 percent water savings when used together.

Sustainable chemicals company Officina+39 debuted Aqualess Mission, its collection of technologies for distressing denim.
Aqualess Mission Courtesy

Andrea Venier, Officina+39’s managing director noted that the collection is ideal for laundries looking to decrease their water usage without having to make a large investment.

“All Aqualess Mission products are suitable for conventional machines already in place at laundry facilities,” he said. “This means there’s no need to put any particular investments in place for new washing units.”

While traditional systems use about 52 liters of water for a pair of pants, Officina+39 says its technology employs only 12.5 liters, furthering its pledge to abide by the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG) 6: clean water and sanitation.