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Officina+39 Joins Bluesign’s Network of Sustainability Leaders

Italy-based Officina+39 is confirming its position as a leading sustainable chemicals provider. The company behind innovations like Oz-One Powder and Recycrom and a new sustainably operated headquarters is the latest to become a Bluesign partner, joining a network of environmentally focused stakeholders committed to a better future.

Bluesign is considered to be one of the industry’s strictest standards for environmental health and textile manufacturing. The Bluesign System aims to remove harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and establishes and monitors standards for safer production. It’s continuously iterating its requirements for optimal environmental health, and in February announced the revision of all of its chemical substance lists to incorporate the latest scientific knowledge on toxicological and ecological profile of substances.

Italian chemicals company Officina+39 announced its Bluesign partnership and new state-of-the-art headquarters.
Officina+39 Courtesy

According to Andrea Venier, Officina+39’s managing director, the partnership is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment.

“We always say that going green is our passion,” he said. “But it’s more than that: it is our first goal. Supporting the development of a better industry and preserving the world housing us all is extremely important to us, and this partnership is a huge new step towards what we hope will be a shared change for good.”

Officina+39’s 30-year reputation for pushing the boundaries to pioneer change closely aligns with that of Bluesign. The chemical company coined the term “trustainability” to describe its dedication to building a more responsible industry. Under this concept, it uses safer chemicals, minimizes the impact of surrounding environments, recycles waste, reduces power usage and conserves water—the latter of which was the crux of its Aqualess offering, a suite of laundry products that have the potential to cut water usage by 75 percent. Combining its laser booster Remover BC, abrasion system Aqualess Aged and bleaching product Oz-One Powder, the products can help the industry achieve significant sustainability targets.