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How Panther Denim Is Using Big Data to Determine Trends

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, denim mill Panther Denim is beginning to see the big idea by focusing on big data. As we chart a course out of the pandemic, it has become apparent that we need to become more adaptable.

Even in this time of uncertainty, we are continuing to invest in our R&D. At Panther Denim we’ve been closely watching changing consumer behaviors in fashion as a key to success for the next chapter of the apparel industry. We analyze the shifts in priorities and adapt products to meet evolving desires, resulting in denim products that present a compelling argument and address people’s expected needs in the coming period of time.

All future activities will need to benefit society, so we are investing in ethical strategies and actions in every stage of our business more than ever. We have embraced sustainability as a platform for innovation. Panther Denim’s EARTH concept offers a range of responsible products, including eco fibers, eco processes, eco chemicals, and recycled and bio-based materials.

BLUECARE is an aniline-free dyeing technique, which avoids toxic impacts and is available in pure indigo dye as well as sulphur dye.

Color will be an impactful tool for future buyers after these dark days. Our C-ZERO product line is a revolutionary technology that consumes zero water in the dyeing process to produce environmentally friendly colored denim shades.

The trend toward casualization, which was already strong prior to the crisis, will further accelerate. Many people will return to a fundamentally different work environment—one in which telecommuting, flexible hours, and an emphasis on work-life balance are the new norms. Comfort will as a consequence become a top consideration in apparel.

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EVERYBODY STRETCH is our R&D response to this comfortable lifestyle, keeping an authentic denim look with ultra-high elasticity (70-100 percent). The concept is based on offering comfort and softness for all kinds of body shapes. It’s for everyXtime, everyXgender, everyXage, everyXbody and everyXsize.

Social distancing, loneliness and nostalgic effects of today will result in a retro resurgence. Taking note of this, we have developed two new lines inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s fashion trends. MARBELOUS features cool old denims with cracks, marbles and orange skin effects, while our RETROFITTING concept is the super stretch version of nostalgic denim and a modern twist on retro.

Our WELLNESS theme centers on jeans that benefit you while wearing them—from blood circulation and skincare to new temperature-controlling fibers. We’ve received many requests since launching WELLNESS at Kingpins. Anti-bacterial and stay-fresh finishes are already selling strong, and we are adding new ANTI-VIRUS solutions to our denim and piece dyes.

Responding to the remote way of life in recent months, we are also planning to take our digital presentations to the next level.

During COVID-19, everyone is learning as we go day by day. While clear decisions and rapid action are necessary, the health and well-being of our people and communities is top of mind for all of us. These unique circumstances force Panther Denim to make considerations at almost every turn, requiring us to balance speed and action with regard for the health and welfare of employees, customers and suppliers.

We keep loving what we do: denim fabrics developed with sustainable soul. Stay healthy. Be creative and positive! We are ready to serve you.

Your Panther Denim Team

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