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Panther Denim Points to Post-Pandemic Dressing with Comfy, Eco-Conscious Concepts

The next phase of fashion’s environmental evolution will come down to our individual choices.

Moments of global crisis create the opportunity for major changes. Changes for good. Changes to finally direct our thoughts and developments as well as our actions with a pure focus on more sustainable denim.

“We think it’s a great time to consider innovation and conscious, sustainable materials,” said Panther Denim’s sales director Tim Huesemann.

Now, as we look ahead to an eventual end to the pandemic and a return to work, people will be bringing with them a different set of expectations. After living through the pandemic, they have been conditioned to be comfortable and stay safe. This could mean a new era of hybrid styles that cater to the simultaneous needs of style, stretch, softness and sustainability.

Panther Denim’s Everywear, Comphy and P/ReCYCLE concepts speak to the current fashion climate.


One of the major impacts of the new work-from-home lifestyle is that more jobs are becoming non-location-specific. Forced to work remotely since the onset of the pandemic, millions of workers have learned they could be just as productive anywhere as they were at the office, thanks to videoconferencing, high-speed internet and other technologies. Shoppers stocked up on the softest sweatpants for almost a year.

This new reality made Panther think, why not combine the sweatpants’ softness with jeans’ strength? And the mill decided to create a new denim line of woven fabrics in knit comfort. Everywear is a creative weaving technique that interlaces sweatpants’ comfort with jeans’ durability. The Everywear collection fits the keywords for the foreseeable future: comfort, flexibility and ultra-softness.

“We suggest to every brand to try out this new way of denim and start a dialogue with us on this innovative fabric journey,” noted Huesemann.

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In our new normal, authenticity is the link between past experiences and life today. But change and adaptation are inevitable, even for something as iconic and storied as denim. Panther Denim’s Comphy concept is a great example of a transformative approach to authentic denim.

Authentic traditional rigid denim is now reshaped into maximized comfort and softness with a draped look. Comphy provides mechanical elasticity and fabric reaches up to a 12-14 percent elongation level without using any elastic fibers in the composition. This allows denim to include fully compostable, cellulosic mono materials—either 100 percent cotton or a cotton-lyocell blend—while still offering the comfort of stretch. Comphy follows Ellen MacArthur Foundation Jeans Redesign approaches, which aim to make jeans that last longer and can be more easily recycled.

Panther P/ReCYCLE Technology

Consumers are becoming more cautious about their spending habits and are prioritizing purchases in essential categories. At the same time, improving raw materials has become the most important challenge facing the scientific and industrial community. Textile production waste is undesirable but an inevitable byproduct in many manufacturing processes such as spinning, weaving, knitting and garment manufacturing, as well as post-consumer products. These waste products are frequently undervalued.

Panther P/ReCYCLE technology allows the mill to make new high-quality denim with post- or pre-consumer wastes. Recycling is not a new idea, but Panther’s P/ReCYCLE technology is. There are fewer performance and productivity challenges when producing in bulk. “Our technology brings the recycling process to a new quality level, significantly reducing the tensile and tear strength drops, and overcoming aesthetic defects on the fabric surface,” said Huesemann.

Panther is increasingly using recycled fibers in its collections. Further lowering the impact of denim, Panther conserves energy, reduces carbon emissions and cuts chemicals and water usage.

“Our vertical platform in denim and piece-dyeing allows us to do trial and error and innovate with clients together. We will update our customers frequently on what is possible and what might be the limit, so that we work hand-in-hand to fulfill your expectations and build strong trust among all of us,” said Huesemann. “We are open to your fabric ideas; challenge us.”

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