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Panther Denim Unveils ‘Trilogy of Blue’ Shades for Spring/Summer 2024

In the journey of developing the perfect indigo blue jeans, Panther Denim believes it has crafted the blue shades that are sure to excite any indigo connoisseur.

According to the China-based denim mill, the upcoming SS24 Trilogy of Blue collection includes three shades designed to be worn across all occasions.

The first of the Trilogy of Blue shades is the bright Snow Blue, which is crafted to keep shining even after various washes, with the mill saying that it makes the denim always look fresh and new. And it can maintain brightness when putting it through lighter washes.

But the enduring look isn’t the only benefit for Snow Blue. Panther Denim created this shade by using a careful indigo-controlled dyeing process to keep the core of the yarn clean and white. The shade is compatible with sustainable garment finishing processes like stoneless wash and works very well with laser technology. Also, it’s easy to obtain contrast with less abrasive wash and usage of water, which can reduce the environmental impact of denim production.

The second shade of blue is Sunglow Blue, which is the denim mill’s answer to the trend of overdyeing washes. The denim fabric is produced with inherent vintage character during the indigo dyeing process. The shade is inspired by the sunset, “when your favorite jeans looks tinted under the brightness and glow of the setting sun.” This color is the perfect solution to save dye in the tinting process and make jeans production more sustainable. The nostalgic blue is full of patina, giving the jeans an aged vintage look by natural abrasion without artificial tinting which resulting in less pollution during the garment washing process.

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Panther says it saves the best for last with Royston Blue, a greenish blue shade inspired by the beautiful Royston Turquoise stone. The jeans carrying this shade highlight the stone’s changes from dark greenish blue to varying rich light blue. This enables laundries to create super-distressed aged jeans without the need to use chemical process like ozone aging and omitting the need for tinting process.

Not only are the new shades versatile, but the denim line is sustainably produced within Panther’s fully integrated production plant. That means every step of production is within the manufacturer’s control, across spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing and even printing.

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