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Prosperity Textile is Adopting Itema’s Waste-Saving Technology

For its new mill in Vietnam, Prosperity Textile, one of China’s leading denim innovators, is tapping Itema’s waste-saving weaving technology to help it eliminate more than 2,000 pounds of cotton per loom per year.

The iSaver system, launched in April by ItemaLab, Itema’s advanced innovation department, uses mechatronic principles to “completely eliminate the left-hand weft waste, leading to unparalleled benefits,” the Italy-based firm said.

By using small clamps to hold up to four yarns during the weft insertion cycle, iSaver is able to do away with the false selvedge on the left side of the fabric, significantly reducing raw material waste and resulting in unparalleled cost savings and setting a “new benchmark in sustainable weaving,” Itema said.

Itema estimates its innovation will help Prosperity Textile avoid the use of 20 million liters of water, saving the mill roughly 2,000 euros ($2,295) per machine per year.

Prosperity Textile has been burnishing its green bonafides in other ways, too. In 2015, it began incorporating Better Cotton into its lightweight denim lines. The company also ramped up its investment in eco-friendly fibers, such as Tencel, linen, organic cotton and recycled cotton, which allowed it to sell more than 20 million yards worth of sustainable fabric in 2017.