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Discover the ‘Best Kept’ Secret in the Denim Industry 

As a “preferred supplier” to some of the top denim brands and retailers across the globe who are focused on responsible manufacturing, textile mill Raymond UCO is stepping up its game to adopt more eco-friendly processes and meet its customers’ stringent requirements.

Since its inception in 1996, the India-based company has strived toward building its business by enhancing design, dyeing, spinning, weaving, finishing capabilities and more. Additionally, the company has been recognized with several awards for its social corporate responsibility efforts, including the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award, the National Water Mission Award, the National Excellent Energy Management Award and the Most Innovative Environmental Project Award.

Raymond UCO
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Now, with sustainability at the top of every retailer and brand’s mind, Raymond UCO is laser focused on increasing its responsible initiatives.

“Since a lot of our clients are strongly driven and focused on sustainability, we regularly step up and adopt more eco-friendly processes to meet their requirements,” said Arvind Mathur, CEO of Raymond UCO. “Our decision to be a responsible producer is also driven by the strong values of both partners—Raymond, India and UCO, Belgium—who have more than 300 years of combined experience in textiles with a strong reputation in the market.”

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Sustainability push

In line with its responsible approach, Raymond UCO has focused on using less water in its operating processes since the beginning. In fact, less than 10 percent of the water used in the mills’ composite operations—from spinning to finishing—comes from freshwater sources.

This was accomplished with the implementation of various water-saving measures, including water-efficient operation in the manufacturing process—a Biological Effluent Treatment Plant that achieves zero discharge (liquid or solid) without using any chemical product—and using stored rainwater in the post-monsoon season.

“Raymond UCO is a formidable combination of advanced manufacturing and worldwide market reach providing a vertically integrated option, from spinning to ready-made garments,” Mathur said. “We strive to remain best-in-class in sustainable innovations and are a trusted partner to most of the key international and domestic brands and retailers.” 

Being sustainable also means lowering electricity usage. For Raymond UCO, the mill was able to save approximately 14 million kilowatt hours (KWh) of electricity in the last two Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT)—a regulatory instrument to reduce Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) in energy-intensive industries—cycles.

For example, one of the ways Raymond UCO managed to achieve substantial energy savings is by replacing the reciprocating compressor with an energy-efficient centrifugal compressor. This helps create efficiency through uniform, adjustable operation—ensuring that only the required air is generated.

“It goes without saying that any chemical product used anywhere in the process is strictly screened to ensure compliance with all existing regulations,” Mathur said.

2023 and beyond

Keeping the momentum going, Raymond UCO said it plans to reduce its freshwater consumption over and above the already achieved target using the same practices and measures currently in place.

To show off more of its offerings and plans for the future, Raymond UCO will be exhibiting at the Kingpins Amsterdam denim trade show on April 12-13.

“At Kingpins Amsterdam, we plan to showcase how our latest innovations; alternative fibers; fabrics that maintain authenticity in character; heavy, more durable constructions; fabrics with maximum stretch and recovery performance; fashion colors, coated finishes and much more,” Mathur said. “Make sure to stop by to find out.”

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