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Denim B Corp Saitex Upcycles 12K Garments Each Month

Denim mega-manufacturer Saitex has made some sustainable strides over the past year.

In its 2019 Impact Report, released Monday, the Vietnam-based company noted that it became the first B Corp-certified factory in all of Asia in 2019. And, the company claimed, it’s the only large-scale denim manufacturer to meet B Lab standards, with a score of 105.6 points.

A number of efforts contributed to earning that distinction, including the opening of a fabric upcycling facility in Thailand. Launched in collaboration with SAI Cycle, the facility will be able to upcycle 12,000 garments each month.

In addition, Saitex said that it has planted 6,815 trees in the industrial areas surrounding its factories, which it claims have absorbed more than 120,000 kilograms of CO2 in the past year alone.

Through the use of solar power, the company has avoided reliance on fossil fuels, saving more than 5.8 million kilograms of fuel and offsetting 7,093 kilograms of CO2.

The company has expanded the capacity of its effluent treatment plant, which processes industrial wastewater, to service 98 percent of all of the water it uses. Two percent of the water evaporates during processing, it said.

Saitex has also eschewed the use of industrial dryers for its denim, instead allowing the materials to air dry. This has saved 2.2 million kilograms of CO2, and reduced energy use for drying purposes by 85 percent.

When it comes to supporting the health of its workers, Saitex has invested in providing sustenance. Saitex Farms is home to more than 4,000 plants across gardens and greenhouses, yielding more than 100 kilograms of organic, hydroponic vegetables.

Half of the harvest is donated to the company’s pregnant employees (totaling about 100 women) as well as people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The other half of the produce is sold at subsidized pricing to employees to ensure access to fresh, local foods.

The company has also supported four orphanages and centers for people with disabilities since 2009, aiding a total of 603 children and adults through meals, medical care and supplies.