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Soorty Turns to AI for Latest Collection

Soorty had both a physical and virtual presence at Kingpins Amsterdam last week.

The Pakistani vertically integrated denim manufacturer presented HumAIn, a 50-piece collection of artificial intelligence-generated garments made with AI Stable Diffusion, an open source AI platform. The collection was imagined by ORNMNTNCRM founder Volker Ketteniss. 

Soorty said AI allows designers to stay ahead of the game, enabling them to produce more innovative and unique designs that standout in the marketplace. The technology opens the door to new business opportunities and allows companies to meet customers’ needs on a greater scale. 

“HumAIn is a representation of human interaction with technology where the human value is emphasized and enhanced by technology to discover design possibilities which will not only be relevant for the market but will also drive conscious sourcing and consumption behavior,” said Ebru Debbag, Soorty executive director-global sales and marketing.

Soorty displayed two physical versions—a belted jumpsuit and a cargo pant styled with a belted tunic top—from the collection at the show as well as a digital look book featuring AI-generated models. 

HumAIn garment

HumAIn follow’s G-Star Raw’s first AI-generated collection and digital-to-physical garment. More recently, Levi’s made a controversial announcement that it plans to pilot AI models on its e-commerce sites.

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Digital garments are a source of exploration for the denim producer. Soorty previously worked with CLO 3-D, a software with 3D technology and simulation engine that allows users to create garments with layers and intricate details. This led to Soorty 3D Evolution Studio, a 3D sampling platform that helps reduce physical sampling, saving resources and speeding up processes.

Soorty’s journey with AI started five years ago with a digital denim garment in collaboration with The Fabricant, an Amsterdam-based digital fashion house. The garment was available on the digital fashion platform, DressX. 

It also digitized its fabrics with the Soorty Digital Library, a database of its fabric collections allowing clients to easily access and navigate products.