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Soorty Refreshes Seasonless Collection with Size Inclusivity in Mind

Pakistan-based Soorty is now inclusive both inside and out. Months after the vertically integrated denim manufacturer organized a program to create an inclusive workplace that embraces disabilities and diversity in the workforce, it launched a new collection intended for all.

The Seasonless II collection is Soorty’s second genderless line of fabrics that spans all seasons—a concept propelled forward by the Covid-19 pandemic derailing fashion calendars around the world. Experts have long considered bucking the traditional calendar in favor of functional clothing that can be worn all year long, which would in turn reduce the amount of waste generated throughout the industry. Sustainable clothing is often produced at a slower pace and contradicts fashion’s traditionally demanding schedule.

To that point, Soorty’s new range features existing concepts that focus on longevity, adaptability and intelligence in denim.

“Soorty focuses on growing concepts, rather than on the product itself, as part of the strategy to revise outdated traditions and work on a seasonal production schedule,” the company said in a statement, adding that it “approaches production as an ongoing process of evolution.”

Pakistan-based denim manufacturer Soorty launched Seasonless II, its second genderless line that spans all seasons.
Soorty Resync Courtesy

Soorty’s new range features Resync, a line of fabrics supported by one-size-fits-all technology. The trans-seasonal, adaptive fabric sculpts the body with 360-degree stretch comfort that fits a range of four sizes—two sizes up and two sizes down. The innovation makes it possible for jeans to comfortably mold to various body shapes and sizes, spanning both men’s and women’s garments.

The mill introduced its Resync line in February with the aim to make products that can adapt with consumers’ fluctuating sizes and ultimately keep them from the landfill. It partnered with fashion size and fit software Scircula, which developed an e-commerce fit solution, which collects customer size, fit and buying behavior data in real-time to provide insights at the SKU level.

Soorty’s concepts have been utilized by genderless brands such as Oak & Acorn, a New York City-based sustainable denim brand that builds responsible manufacturing into its storytelling. The brand’s 2021 collection uses handwoven and hand-dyed indigo West African cotton, deadstock and denim fabrics made with recycled fibers, hemp and more.

Also included in Soorty’s new collection is Redream, a collection of fabrics made of non-virgin components, such as post-consumer and post-industrial waste, GRS-certified recycled polyester, Lycra T400, Ecomade T400, CoolMax Ecomade and Repreve.