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Mills Weave Durability Into Spring/Summer 2024 Fabrics

Originally a work pant for miners, farmers and ranchers, denim is inherently durable. The growing consumer movement of buying fewer items of better quality, however, has underscored the importance of weaving durability into everyday lifestyle items like jeans. 

It’s a message even echoed in Levi’s popular “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign promoting timeless designs with longevity. 

Mills are developing new sustainable methods to maintain the fabric’s strength. The Spring/Summer 2024 In Season look book made possible with the support of Cotton Incorporated highlights the various ways denim producers are approaching durability.  

“The most sustainable fabric is the one that lasts the longest,” Isko stated. The Turkish mill’s patented yarn spinning technology means that its fabrics are stronger and more durable than traditional open-end constructions ensuring denim maintains its look and also lasts longer.

Other mills are enhancing fabric strength with performance fibers. 

Advance Denim has created high-strength denim that caters to the needs of workwear and high-performance protection. The mill applies military-grade Cordura fiber that provides additional abrasion resistance without sacrificing comfort, to both the warp and the weft to give it more strength. 

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Lycra Tough Max and Cordura are the key ingredients behind Artistic Milliners’ durable Magnum fabric. The Pakistani mill said the fabric has a durable composition and weave. 

Prosperity Textile’s Blue Force collection is made with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPEF) to deliver higher tearing/tensile strength and abrasion-resistant performance.

Twin Dragon said its most durable fabrics incorporate Sorbtek yarn—a strong, sturdy fiber that helps wick moisture to the surface to regulate temperature. The mill said Sorbtek is great for workwear and indoor and outdoor activities due to its strength and longevity. “But durability does not negate comfort and these items still sport a soft hand and drape,” Twin Dragon stated. 

Polyester is used by Global Denim to add strength to its Oak, Lauren Gravity and Ivy durable fabrics. The Mexican mill is also expanding its fabric category made with Lycra T400, which not only resists fiber damage and adds to durability but also has lasting comfort, fit and shape plus moisture-wicking benefits.

Orta said its Keeper Culture fabrics are blended for longevity.

Cone Denim’s most durable fabric, Manifest, is a testament to how far recycled textiles have come. Though recycled fibers typically impact garment strength, Cone blends 50 percent post-industrial waste cotton with post-consumer waste polyester to enhance the fabric’s durability. The fabric can withstand wear and tear making it ideal for workwear and outerwear pieces. 

Fabrics with different performance attributes make up Crescent Bahuman Limited’s Daredevil collection. The Pakistani mill said the range offers function attributes that are more durable than conventional fabrics.

Softness is key to the durable preshrunk fabrics in XDD Textile’s Vintage Friendly collection. They aim to prevent shrinking after washing and drying while maintaining a soft hand feel. They can achieve a vintage look and marble effect.

No matter how durable a fabric is, it still needs to look good. 

ADM’s Skateboarder series is made with Lycra Tough Max technology, making it the Pakistani mill’s most durable and functional fabric in its Spring/Summer 2024 collections. Fabrics in the series are well-suited for workwear as they meet the consumer need for rugged jeans with don’t sacrific comfort.

Artistic Fabric Mills said A4-0502008 and AS-45 may be its toughest fabrics, but their attributes are not limited to durability. They have an “authentic heavy rigid look with comfort stretch and beautiful marbling,” the company stated. 

Maritaş Denim’s Forever concept includes durable fabrics for multiple looks, including designs that have a flat appearance, strong visual effects and slow fading. The fabrics do not lose their form and brightness after laundering. 

Learn more about Spring/Summer 2024 fabric collections in the In Season look book, available here.