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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Saitex

Though it may have started out quietly changing the denim industry, Saitex is drawing attention and becoming increasingly prominent as one of the sector’s most sustainable facilities. The Vietnam-based manufacturing operation produces premium denim and over-dyed products, with a capacity of more than 6 million garments per year.

The latest Carved in Blue denim capsule launch at Kingpins Amsterdam is produced by Saitex and designed by emerging designer, Pawan Kumar.

“Saitex is focussed on creating positive impact,” says Sanjeev Bahl, owner of Saitex. “Besides collaborations with brands Saitex has now opened its resources to the highest caliber of design talent from across the globe to work at our facilities. In partnership with the innovators at Lenzing, we are proud to have provided the collaboration and expertise needed to bring Pawan Kumar’s vision (of Midnight Blues capsule) to life in the most sustainable context.”

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