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Twin Dragon’s New Fabric Is Fit for All Seasons

Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc. (TDMI) is launching a new line called Atmos Denim, part of which is made from recycled polyester.

The fabric is a blend of polyester and Lyocell. A special spinning technology gives the fiber a hollow center with woven-in spaces that trap air and imbue the fabric with thermal qualities. These keep the wearer warm in cooler temperatures but act as a barrier to heat when temperatures rise, according to Stephanie Poon, the company’s spokesperson. The hollow fiber, from Japan, is 20 percent recycled polyester made from plastic bottles.

The mill claims the fabric retains warmth better than fabrics produced using 100 percent cotton, which results in a comfortable microclimate throughout the year.

The shape of the fiber makes it about 30 percent air, the highest rate in the industry, she added. This also reduces the weight of the fabric, whose hand is described as smooth and silky with a spongey feel.

The fabric arrives at a time when consumers are favoring garments that are seasonless and multi-functional.

TDMI’s long-time brand partner, Level99, has signed on to make a women’s jean collection with Atmos. Poon said it will be designed and finished in the U.S. and likely launch in the fall.

Atmos builds on TDMI’s efforts to develop sustainable materials. The Los Angeles-based company has mills in China, Vietnam, Central America and Mexico.

In Mexico, TDMI uses recycled drinking water in the dyeing process and liquid indigo as opposed to powder dye to save energy, water and time. The use of liquid indigo has saved 25 million gallons of water company-wide since 2017.