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Denim Mills Play Up Offerings with Comfort and Antimicrobial Properties

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world into isolation, consumers were clamoring for denim that was sustainable, comfortable and antimicrobial. Now, those needs have been underscored, as people are spending more time inside and prioritizing quality over quantity.

Denim mills have created innovative fabrics that embody all of these properties. In separate presentations at the Kingpins24 online event, Artistic Milliners and US Denim highlighted some of their featured fabrics.

Artistic Milliners presented its Bio Vision 2.0 collection that is based on guidelines set by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign, featuring biodegradable fibers that provide optimal recovery. The mill’s circular focus is also displayed in its Circular Blue New collection, which is made of 100 percent recycled cotton and uses post-consumer, pre-consumer and industrial waste.

US Denim’s latest collections also focus on sustainability and feature recycled and biodegradable fibers. Its Reborn product is “sustainable from every angle” and uses recycled cotton, elastane and polyester; aniline-free dyestuff; and water-safe dyeing methods.

The Pakistan-based fabric mill also highlighted its use of cottonized hemp, which checks off multiple boxes for consumers, as the fiber is both sustainable and naturally antimicrobial. Its IntelliJeans collection features hemp sourced from China that is free of pesticides and uses 86 percent less water than conventional products.

Artistic Milliners offers a similar take on antimicrobial denim with its hemp-based Buttery Soft 2.0 collection. Made with water-saving dyeing techniques, denim in this collection provides the comfort of sweatpants with the look of an authentic jean. And while most jeans lose their softness over time, this denim was specially designed to get softer with every wash.