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US Denim Mills Develops Rapid Clean Manufacturing Technology

A sustainable mindset has become an essential business need today, putting manufacturers under immense pressure to innovate eco-friendly manufacturing techniques at every possible stage.

Taking a cue from the increasing demand for sustainability in apparel production, Pakistan-based US Denim Mills, the fabrics vertical of US Group, has developed another eco-efficient alternative technology, Rapid Clean, which enhances operational efficiency and reduces resource depletion, cost and waste—all while maximizing consumer satisfaction.

Rapid Clean is a sustainable manufacturing technique designed to replace some of the most water-intensive and pollutant fabric finishing processes. This smart technology by US Denim Mills allows the company to conserve natural resources, ultimately playing its part in reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The process curates fine-quality denim fabrics that deliver what the manufacturer calls an “immaculate look and feel.”

“Rapid Clean Technology by US Denim Mills epitomizes our pragmatic approach opting for technological innovations in a more sustainable way of redefining denim,” said Moeen Akram, director, marketing and R&D, Denim Mills, US Group. “This technique has been effective to produce sustainable and laser-adaptive denim fabrics with less resources and opening new horizons for design. This concept has also enabled us to make black overdyed fabrics, which tones down quicker and brighter than conventional fabric, hueless black denim.”

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The aesthetics of fabrics developed by using Rapid Clean Technology are revolutionary for maintaining the fibers’ versatility and eco-friendly nature, US Denim Mills says.

What makes Rapid Clean different? The denim fabrics developed while using this technology are cleaner, brighter and softer. The fabrics finished with the technology have the potential to achieve these desired results than the conventional process, according to the denim manufacturer.

Its efficient features help shorten the garment finishing time, as this process improves the denim’s ability to adapt to lasers and supports a quick wash, thus reducing water and energy used in the process.
The characteristics of Rapid Clean Technology make the solution perfect for both major denim fabric colors (blues and blacks), the denim producer says.

US Denim Mills wants this technology to bring about a new era for overdyed fabrics, which are previously dyed denim fabrics that are put through another round of dyeing. While conventional overdyed fabrics are more on the pale side with a redder tone, US Denim Mills has achieved a jet black shade using the Rapid Clean technology. Not only has this reduced the redder cast of the jeans, but it has produced much quicker and brighter washes.

Comparison between conventional black fabric and US Denim’s Hueless Black

Rapid Clean has been able to drastically diminish resource outflow across the washing, de-sizing and overdyeing processes.

Washing with Rapid Clean technology allows the mill to save 63 percent more water and 32 percent more steam compared to the conventional process, all while reducing GHG emissions 33 percent.
During de-sizing, the technology enables US Denim to save 75 percent more water and 47 percent more steam, while cutting GHG emissions 47 percent.

Finally, using Rapid Clean in the overdyeing process conserves 80 percent more water and 75 percent more steam, with GHG emissions being slashed 74 percent compared to the conventional process.

The research and development (R&D) team at US Denim Mills has always encouraged to bring out technological and manufacturing finesse that puts less of a burden on earth’s resources, leading with the mantra of “Inclination Towards Innovation.” And in search of that, US Group will continue to serve the fashion and industrial needs with its more innovative projects designed to make products durable, subtle and authentic.

The smart Rapid Clean Technology by US Denim Mills offers the production methods that curate eco-friendly products to meet contemporary needs with viable sustainable solutions.

The pinnacle of success for US Group lies in promoting sustainable fashion, which not only supports the company’s commitment toward protecting the earth’s depleted resources, but provides a greener future by changing mindsets of future generations to come.

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