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Vicunha Textil Goes Eco With Spring-Summer 2020 Collections

Vicunha Textil is launching a Spring-Summer 2020 collection inspired by the concept of “Future Loading.”

It’s based on the idea that the “future is open to possibilities,” the Brazilian textile manufacturer said, adding that it reinforces its position of joining sustainability with efficiency and innovation. The goal, according to Vicunha, is to keep pace with the modern manufacturing mindset, which is in line the Industry 4.0 movement toward automation and data exchange.

Vicunha is introducing new items in the denim and ecological color family with the Eco Cycle seal, such as the Absolut Eco line that saves up to 95 percent water and up to 90 percent on chemicals by enlisting sustainable manufacturing methods.

There’s also Eco Squash Color twill, made using recycled PET bottles, and Color Recycle, which is being launched with new features aimed at achieving rational water and chemical use by applying a coating on natural fabric. The solution reduces water consumption by 32 percent and chemical consumption by 53 percent.

From there, Vicunha is also introducing the Metallic Denim & Color premium product line, created to make jeans more upscale with Lurex fibers used throughout. Other highlights include stretch styles with Extreme Power, in addition to new cotton items with a vintage look that reinterpret classic styling. Power Strech fabrics have a distinctive structure that provides a high degree of elasticity and comfort in a variety of fits, with a wide range of options in washes.

Vicunha is a member brand of Texbrasil, a partnership between Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and Abit (Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association). Vicunha is largest textile manufacturer, with factories throughout Brazil. The company is responsible for 40 percent of the Brazilian production of indigo denim fabric.