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Asos Says System Crash Did Not Affect Sales

A “technical glitch” brought down the Asos website and mobile apps on Sunday, one of the busiest post-Christmas shopping days for deal-seeking consumers. Although Asos was unable to process orders for several hours, the U.K. retailer said the glitch did not affect sales.

Shoppers were able to browse the website, which was promoting a half-off sale on Sunday. However, shoppers were met with a message that said, “Sorry, we can’t find that page or something has gone wrong,” when they tried to check out.

The site crash capped off what could be described as an “annus horribilis” for the trendy fashion purveyor. Profits declined for the first time in three years, and as a result share prices dropped by about $0.91. The company also suffered a major fire at its South Yorkshire warehouse in June.