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Bread and Butter to Spotlight Startups

A new incarnation of Bread & Butter, slated for July 7-9, aims to speak to the international modern urban lifestyle with an updated concept.

After financial difficulties in December 2014, insolvency administrator Christian Graf Brockdorff announced that a family office is backing the trade show’s implementation. He said, “The whole concept is viable. The business plan is convincing.”

The revamped show intends to reach people across the world’s metropolises, from Tokyo to New York to London, and speak to the commonalities in their lifestyles by presenting products in contemporary brand environments (or clusters), and mixing the brands’ images and gear in inspiring presentations and displays.

The environments will include: contemporary mens and womenswear, superior fashion, denim and urban wear, sport and streetwear. The show will also spotlight crafted labels and offer space for design and agents.

To accompany the new concept, Bread & Butter is adding a new focus on young, innovative labels in fields like fashion, sports, health, digital communication and business innovation. The intent with these additions is to work on sustainability and future growth. The show will provide free spaces to young companies in these fields, in the hopes of opening up business and networking opportunities.

Applications for exhibitors will be accepted beginning March 1.