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Denim Anchors Cotton Citizen’s New Pop-Up in New York City

Denim brands are flocking to SoHo in New York City.

Cotton Citizen opened its first New York City store last week at 11 Howard, a boutique hotel with a trendy restaurant and nightlife scene. The pop-up is slated to stay open for six months.

The store marks the Los Angeles-based brand’s first foray into the East Coast. Cotton Citizen—worn by L.A. ‘It’ girls like Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), Gigi Hadid and Sofia Ritchie—has a flagship store on Melrose Place.

Cotton Citizen’s store follows the launch of Naked & Famous Denim’s first store in New York City, located a just a few blocks away on Grand Street.

The men’s and women’s brand has become known for its collection of colorful French Terry sweats, but with the introduction of denim in 2017, Adam Vanunu, Cotton Citizen founder and creative director, said it’s time to make a bolder statement on the East Coast and showcase the collection in its entirety.

“Right now, the brand is in a position where we want to showcase the collection in a way that speaks to how we merchandise and design,” he said.

The hotel is simplistic. Scandinavian design complements Cotton Citizen’s core line of fuss-free basics and balances its fearless use of color. “Modern design, exposed brick, concrete floors and natural elements bring our colors to life,” Vanunu described.

Denim Anchors Cotton Citizen's New Pop-Up in New York City
Cotton Citizen Cotton Citizen

And whereas the laidback West Coast may flock for the Cotton Citizen’s casual pieces, Vanunu expects denim to make a strong impression with New Yorkers and the hotel’s international clientele.

At 11 Howard, shoppers will get a taste of Cotton Citizen’s full premium denim line for men and women. Half of the space is dedicated to jeans.

“Denim is pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in,” he said.

The assortment spans the brand’s core items, like women’s boyfriend jackets and men’s mid-rise stretch jeans, to more avant-garde pieces that are bound to pique the interest of the hotel’s cool crowd. Standout items include women’s skinny jeans with belted legs and a cropped jean jackets with waistband zipper details.

Additionally, Vanunu said the brand will launch exclusive styles at the pop-up, which offers a closer way to connect with consumers and gauge their interest in new designs.

“Between New York City [locals] and the hotel, with its revolving consumer base coming through, it’s a great way to test styles,” he added.