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Denham the Jeanmaker Streamlines Mobile Shopping with a New App

Turning 10 means big things for Denham the Jeanmaker. Along with special product collaborations with Barbour and Montblanc, and the introduction of a book and fragrance, the Amsterdam-based denim label recently launched its first app.

The app, developed by Highstreet Mobile, offers consumers a seamless way to shop directly from their iPhone and Android devices. Through the app, consumers can shop Denham’s complete men’s and women’s collections and view new arrivals.

Denham the Jeanmaker Streamlines Mobile Shopping with a New App
Denham the Jeanmaker app

“Something that people say is, on top of the quality of the products, Denham is the experience in the stores. It’s something that we always try to mimic on our website and in the experience on our Denham app that we just launched,” Denham e-commerce manager Mikael Torres said.

Additionally, the app stands as Denham’s “loyalty card.” Users are granted VIP access to new collections and sales.

A store locator helps users find the nearest location where Denham product is available. Inside the store, they can use to app to scan a barcode on products and unlock additional information about the garment.

The app is loaded with exclusive content powered by Photoslurp, an integrated system that collects content tagged with the Denham hashtag. On the app, users can view a digital lookbook of street style inspiration that’s been shared across social media channels.

The app also includes a virtual visit to the Denham headquarters in the 9 Streets of Amsterdam, a guided tour of the city by founder Jason Denham himself, plus collection and product videos.