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Flash Sites and Traditional Retail Learn From Each Other

A few years ago, flash sale sites were so hot, everyone from the Groupon to local newspapers offered bargain shoppers daily, if not hourly, deals. Some observers went so far as to say such sites would be the end to traditional retail. But then the approach to retail changed altogether: Apparel brick-and-mortars saw the disruption and raised their game, drawing on their real ace in the hole – locations. And flash sites evolved vis-à-vis their offerings and presentation.

In a 2011 article titled, “Retailing Revolution: Category Killers on the Brink,” the Harvard Business School said retailers needed to consider, “What consumer needs cannot be satisfied by e-commerce?” Apparel stores benefit greatly from shopper desire to touch and feel clothes, as well as try on garments. So stores offered deals via customer devices, increased their discount outlets — and kept the coveted designer brands to themselves.

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