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Mango Debuts Denim Accessories Made with Recycled Cotton

Denim heads can literally wear their favorite fabric on their heads thanks to the new accessories line from Mango. The Barcelona-based fashion retailer debuted a collection of hats, shoes and handbags celebrating the blues—and it’s doing so in a responsible way.

The collection features denim accessories made with recycled cotton to promote a circular economy—a principle that many throughout the denim supply chain have steadfastly adopted.

Bags in the line make a statement in a variety of styles and washes, including tie-dye denim in bucket and baguette styles, as well as a dark wash oversized tote. Bucket hats, newsboy hats and sandals are also available in dark wash denim. The collection is available on the Mango website, and retails for $29 to $79.

Barcelona-based fashion retailer Mango debuted a collection of denim hats, shoes and handbags made of recycled cotton.
Mango Courtesy

Mango’s new line taps into a fruitful apparel category, as accessories are experiencing a wave of consumer interest as they look for more creative ways to spice up their “couch couture.” Asos and ’90s denim brand Mudd both recently launched collections focused on footwear and accessories, underscoring experts’ predictions that they will be a main focus in the post-pandemic world.

Premium denim brand Mother included tote bags in its new upcycled collection, 60%Mother. Denim totes and bucket hats were also part of Lee’s collaboration with H&M.

Mango has recently doubled down on its responsible practices, and launched a denim line that uses technologies such as laser or ozone in order to provide sustainable and efficient solutions for the washing and finishing of each garment—a switch that reduces the collection’s water consumption by 30 million liters when compared with traditional methods. The company also recently unveiled a new store concept that uses energy-efficient lighting and temperature control, as well as a design incorporating sustainable materials such as natural paint.