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London’s Carnaby Street Shines a Light on Ocean Pollution for the Holidays

From the iconic sparkling angels that watch over Regent Street to the new LED curtains that line Oxford Street, London knows how to dress up during the holiday season. And one street is using the occasion to shine a light on sustainability.

This year, London’s famous shopping thoroughfare Carnaby Street teamed with ocean conservation charity Project Zero for a holiday installation that highlights the need to protect and restore the oceans to “mitigate the damaging effects of climate change” and create a sustainable future for the planet.

Under the unifying message of “One Ocean One Planet,” each street in the shopping district represents an area of the ocean in need of conservation, including kelp forests, coral and other sea life.

The groups used repurposed and sustainable materials to create the theatrical underwater scenes. Fishing nets were reused to recreate green kelp. More than 500 yards of repurposed bubble wrap were used to mimic the texture of coral and at least 1,500 recycled plastic bottles were recycled to make fish and bubbles. Vegan paint was used throughout, as well as 100 percent renewably sourced energy for the lights.

Following Christmas, the installation will be donated to Project Zero to be re-used.

Carnaby Street is home to several denim brands with sustainable initiatives, including Levi’s, Diesel, Pepe Jeans, Replay and True Religion. The street is home base for Timberland’s first “purpose-led flagship store in Europe,” designed to educate consumers on the recycled materials and responsible technologies used across the brand’s product lines.

Project Zero is supported by scientists, business leaders, campaigners, culture makers and ocean experts, who are all working together to awaken the fight for the ocean. The organization aims to raise global awareness about ocean pollution, ignite change and raise funding for protection projects.