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New Retail Platform Puts Ethics-Based Brands at the Forefront

Ethically minded consumers can now more easily shop for clothing and home décor that aligns with their values.

Online retailer BUHO launched last week to serve as a marketplace for ethics-based e-commerce brands that abide by a high standard of values. Its product offering spans women’s, men’s, children’s and home from brands that prioritize gender equality, vintage, vegan, sustainability, handmade and fair trade.

Meeting the strict criteria are denim brands Boyish, known for its blends of recycled cotton, certified organic cotton and Tencel, and Ética, the Mexico-based brand taking steps to reduce water usage throughout its supply chain. BUHO also sells American-made Raleigh Denim and a catalogue of vintage Levi’s and Wrangler.

The aim for BUHO, is to be a “trusted and safe shopping environment” through its partnerships with Certified B corporations and by sourcing ethically from vintage purveyors, down to its use of carbon neutral shipping partners and compostable packaging.

BUHO homepage Courtesy

Consumers can participate, too, through BUHO’s rewards-based “Recycle, Reward, Repeat” program. For every package of gently worn clothing sent through the program, the consumer receives $10 off their next purchase of $50 or more. From there, the donated clothing is either dispersed to charities or, starting in 2020, upcycled into new material.

“BUHO was born out of the desire to make it easy to shop good,” said Maria Casey, BUHO CEO and founder. “We’ve already done the hard work for our customers, uniting the world’s best ethical brands in one place. The team has been working non-stop to get only the best brands that do good for our people and our planet.”