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Skinny Jeans Named 2015’s Biggest Marketing Trend

Retailers couldn’t stop talking about skinny jeans last year – literally. The style was recently named the most-talked about trend of 2015 according to fashion retail analytics company Edited, who have compiled a visual merchandising recap based on data from more than 26,000 email newsletters and homepage updates from nearly 1,400 retailers worldwide.

Skinny jeans were not only the most mentioned trend by retailers, but were also (unsurprisingly) their top moving item as well. Skinny jeans had one of the best mention-to-sales turnovers among all listed trends, suggesting that consumers were already looking for skinny jeans. Velvet and bomber jackets were the second and third-most mentioned trends respectively.

The 70’s trend was not only huge on the runway, but had a massive impact on retail as well. Newsletters and homepage updates that mentioned the decade outnumbered mentions of all other decades by more than 4-1. 70’s fashion touchstones including flares, culottes, suede shirts, fringing and corduroy all dominated the ranking of most mentioned trends, although not all of them became top movers.

For instance, flares were mentioned more than 200 times by retailers, yet only about 100 consumers purchased the style. On the other hand, fringing was mentioned less than 150 times by retailers, yet nearly 400 consumers made it a top moving item.

Jeans ranked 6th on Edited’s listing of styles based on homepage prominence, which assesses a category’s visibility on retailer’s homepages. Footwear ranked as the most prominent category, followed by accessories, tops, outerwear and dresses. The least prominent category? Nightwear.