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Snapchat is Using Augmented Reality to Sell an Exclusive Levi x Disney Denim Cap

Snapchat is the location for another exclusive drop—but this time Kendall Jenner has been replaced by the world’s most popular mouse.

This past weekend, Levi’s Twitter account released a “snapcode” for Snapchat users to scan and gain access to an exclusive filter and denim baseball cap to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. The hat is available for purchase on Snapchat’s social commerce platform for only $25. Customers at the Levi’s retail location at Disney Springs in Orlando can use the code to receive same-day shipping to the Disney resort.

The accompanying filter uses augmented reality enabling users to see how the new hat looks before committing to a purchase, a feature that plays on the app’s familiarity with consumers to offer an experiential shopping experience. While there are still questions about the effectiveness and practicality of combining augmented reality with traditional retail or e-commerce, Snapchat’s user interface is well-known with its audience. And that audience tends to skew young.

During an event at September’s WWD Digital Forum, Marni Schapiro, Snap Inc.’s director of sales, said the 18-to-24-year-old audience “lives and breathes on Snap,” highlighting the power brands might be able to harness using the app. At the same conference, Snap Inc. pointed to its reach with young people, saying 72 percent of millennials were daily users and interact with the app about 25 times every 24 hours.

Levi’s and Disney aren’t the only brands to take notice of the value of Snapchat’s audience. Although other social networks like Facebook and Instagram have seemingly mastered the commercialization of their apps, Snap Inc.’s platform has been somewhat slow to adapt. However, brands like Adidas and Jordan recently have been able to harness its advertising power with exclusive drops that utilize the same augmented reality functions that have made Snapchat filters so popular.

In September, Snap Inc. posted a blog post announcing a partnership with Amazon that will use Snap’s augmented reality to identify physical objects and point the user to its equivalent on Amazon’s marketplace. The company also recently unveiled Snap Collection Ads, using Ebay, Guess and Wish products, that Snap said had an engagement rate five times higher than previous methods.

In its most recent earnings report, Snap Inc. revealed that, although daily active users declined this quarter year-over-year, revenue increased to $298 million—up 43 percent from Q3 of 2017.