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Study: Teen Girls Pick Malls Over Online to Holiday Shop

Teen girls’ love for shopping malls is unwavering. A survey, conducted by Teen Vogue aimed to understand how young consumers shop during the holiday season, found that while Millennial girls leverage the efficiency of the Internet to research and compare prices, most gravitate toward shopping malls first to research and shop during the holidays.

According to the survey, the unique mall experiences, including decorations, music, and bonding with other people is the primary reason girls pick malls over online. While 87 percent of teenage girls said they make their own holiday wish lists by browsing online, 65 percent of respondents said they have done, or will do, most of their holiday shopping for others in stores, as opposed to 35 percent who said they would shop online.

Teen Vogue vice president and publisher Jason Wagenheim said, “The big headline over Black Friday weekend was about record e-commerce sales, but for the Millennial shopper——especially the 16- to 26-year-old segment——the mall remains the most important part of the overall omnichannel shopping story.” He added, “While she’s definitely shopping more online and through mobile than in years prior, the brick-and-mortar experience still greatly matters.”

During the extended post-Thanksgiving sales weekend, 78 percent of teen girls shopped, most of which were in-store purchases. And while they might go into stores for gifts, there is a good chance teenage girls will leave with something for herself. Virtually every respondent (98 percent) said she will buy gifts for others, and 77 percent said they sometimes or always “go shopping to buy someone else a gift and end up buying something for myself.”