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Tap for a Tailor: zTailor Launches an Online Network of Tailors

ZTailors launched the first on-demand, nationwide network of tailors. The network is available online and is swiftly growing a bank of users. The company was established by George Zimmer, the founder and former CEO of Men’s Wearhouse.

After a customer books an appointment, a zTailor with a minimum of five years’ experience will come to the client’s office for the fitting and complete each item within a week or less. The tailor then returns the items to the customers, confirms the fit, and makes any additional alterations.

“A premium tailoring experience shouldn’t be a luxury available to a select few,” said Zimmer, zTailors’s chairman. “After four decades of working hand-in-hand with tailors, I saw an opportunity to combine the artistry of their work with the power of technology.”

ZTailors offers services direct-to-consumers on their website and to retailers via their brick-and-mortar and ecommerce channels. The service is currently available in 16 states and is expected to go nationwide by the end of the summer.