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The Ultimate Blues Bar

Shopping for jeans has come full circle thanks to Denham’s new retail concept. The jeans manufacturer recently opened a “Denim Bar” for women, equipped with a 300-degree mirrored fitting enclosure for a view at every angle.

The 1,300-square-foot store—adjacent to Denham’s existing store in Amsterdam and across the street from its alteration and repair shop Service Co.—offers shoppers an opportunity try on the brand’s full assortment of jeans in a sleek and gallery-like space.

Decorated with indigo artwork by Columbian artists Juan Manuel Gómez and a collection of vintage dressmaking scissors, the store showcases Denham’s Italian’s washes and artisan techniques, including its popular classic blue, gray and blacks jeans.

And for a finishing touch, an onsite embroidery machine allows customers to personalize their jeans with their own insignia.