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Two Pakistani Companies Adopt Good Earth Cotton for Traceability

Supply chain partnerships are promising a more transparent apparel sector in Pakistan.

Vertically integrated mill Diamond Denim by Sapphire and garment manufacturer Artistic Apparel announced this week that they will use Good Earth Cotton, the world’s first traceable and third-party verified, carbon positive cotton program, in their upcoming collections. 

Good Earth Cotton’s mission is to make traceable cotton a prerequisite to sustainability in the global supply chain. The fiber producer uses FibreTrace Verified technology, a patented luminescent pigment that is embedded in raw fibers and is traced, verified and audited in real-time at each step of the global textile supply chain.

The program employs modern regenerative and smart farming practices to minimize its global environmental footprint and maximize soil health, enabling cotton to sequester more carbon than it emits across its entire growth lifecycle. 

The partnership helps accelerate the efforts of Diamond Denim by Sapphire, one of Pakistan’s largest apparel conglomerates, to scale traceability within its supply chain. The initiative aligns with the company’s ongoing investment in sustainable textiles, solar-powered operations and environmentally beneficial upgrades.

“Our key area of focus in developing fabrics today is sustainability and transparency,” said Ali Abdullah, Diamond Denim by Sapphire CEO. “Working with Good Earth Cotton will drive us forward in this journey by providing our customers with verified, accurate, and traceable details on their cotton supply chain.”

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FibreTrace’s proprietary Bluetooth scanner allows users to identify and quantify pigments in fibers, yarn, fabric and finished goods that send encrypted data into secure blockchain and software that was specifically designed and engineered for the textile and apparel supply chain. 

The technology is already being utilized by 7 For All Mankind and Reformation. In October, China’s Advance Denim entered a partnership with Good Earth Cotton to use its traceable fibers as well. 

Artistic Apparels, a sourcing, design and manufacturer solutions company, said the collaboration with Good Earth Cotton and FibreTrace helps pave the way for a textile industry built on the principles of transparency and traceability. The company says it has the cutting capacity of 40,000 pieces per day.

“As a garment manufacturer, we felt the pressing need to deliver sustainable and traceable products to our customers and integrate a system of accountability and transparency within our supply chains,” said Ayesha Jan, Artistic Apparels head of department, development and innovation. “Our collaboration with FibreTrace allows us to be cognizant of the impact of each product we manufacture and ensure that we’re able to play our part in combatting climate change by reducing our carbon emissions.”

FibreTrace-marked collections from Diamond Denim and Artistic Apparels will be available in early 2023.