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Blue Cast: Reverse Resources’ Nin Castle on Textile Waste Matchmaking

In circularity, waste is a valuable commodity. But it can be a challenge to both source and sell high-quality post-industrial waste.

Nin Castle, the fourth and final guest on Blue Cast’s Circularity Solutionist podcast series in partnership with the Fashion Impact Fund, has been working in textile waste for around two decades. While a fashion design student in the late ’90s and early 2000s, she started to see fast-fashion’s impact on consumption, which sparked her interest in waste. “I’ve worked really with textile waste from many different perspectives, and over the years, began to realize how important it is to have data on waste, and also how important it is to have systems in place to organize, standardize and categorize waste to really build efficient supply chains and enable waste to be reused and recycled,” she said.

In 2017, Nin joined Reverse Resources, and she is the company’s co-founder, lead of recycling and chief project officer. Reverse Resources is a SaaS platform that connects firms who have waste with those who will buy it. This trading allows more value to be created out of textile castoffs such as cutting scraps.

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