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Blue Cast: Sortile Co-founder Constanza Gomez on Solving Textile Sorting

One of the biggest challenges in circularity is identifying a garment’s fiber composition to determine how it should be processed. Typically, this is done by hand, with sorters reading tags, which can lead to human error. Adding to the issue? The fact that 30 percent of clothing is missing tags.

Sortile is on a mission to simplify this process through technology. For the second episode of Blue Cast’s four-part Circularity Solutionist series in partnership with the Fashion Impact Fund, Lenzing’s Tricia Carey spoke with Constanza Gomez, Sortile’s co-founder and CEO. The startup uses machine learning and algorithms to determine the material makeup of garments, helping to reduce errors and costs.

“We kept hearing, ‘Fiber-to-fiber recycling is the future.’ But so much of the core infrastructure that would feed into fiber-to-fiber recycling had not been developed,” said Constanza.

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