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Blue Cast: Kerry Bannigan on Breaking Down Sustainability Silos

Social entrepreneur Kerry Bannigan has had a front-row seat to the fashion industry’s shifting attitudes toward sustainability.

Earlier in her career, Kerry worked in events, including producing fashion shows. Taking these beyond just design showcases, she would work with governments to highlight aspects such as textile manufacturing solutions. But 15 years ago, the audience was less receptive to sustainable topics. “People just couldn’t get their head around it at fashion week, and they really did turn their back on sustainability as a whole; it wasn’t seen as the cool thing,” Kerry said.

More recently, sustainability has gathered mass attention. In 2018, Kerry launched the Conscious Fashion Campaign, in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, which supports the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the industry. Since they were introduced in 2015, the SDGs have provided a roadmap of targets to help guide ecological and social efforts. In the most recent episode of TENCEL™’s Blue Cast podcast, Kerry explained that she sees fashion as a crucial piece in delivering on these goals.

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