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REFIBRA™ Marks 5-Year Anniversary on the Market

Five years ago, Lenzing officially launched our TENCEL™ lyocell with REFIBRA™ technology fibers. REFIBRA™ became the first commercially available cellulosic fiber with recycled content, changing the game for circularity.

Providing a reuse solution to textile waste, REFIBRA™ uses cotton fabric scraps as a feedstock for the lyocell production process, simultaneously recycling cloth and reducing the amount of wood pulp needed to create lyocell. “For Lenzing, developing circular business models in the fashion industry ensures the decoupling of business growth from pressure on ecological resource consumption,” explained Lenzing Group’s Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO, at the time of REFIBRA™’s launch. “It reduces the need to extract additional virgin resources from nature, and reduces the net impact on ecological resources.”

Because REFIBRA™ uses chemical rather than mechanical recycling, the fibers produced are identical in quality and properties to lyocell made entirely of wood. In denim, REFIBRA™ can be used as a blending partner to recycled cotton to enhance a jean’s circular story and provide added textile strength.

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