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Circle Book 3: See the Collection

The Circle Book is back for its third year. This collaborative project was launched by Lenzing, Meidea and Officina+39 in 2020 to rethink circular design and creation, acting as an example of what is possible in sustainable apparel when companies work together.

Under the motto Act Together, the initiative has continued to expand. This year was the first time we put out an open call for partners. We chose 10 collaborators, bringing the total participation to 13 companies: fabrics came from Calik Denim, Global Denim, Tejidos Royo and TYH, thread was supplied by Crafil, labels came from Nexgen, and Ereks Blue Matters manufactured the garments. Lenzing provided fibers, and Officina+39 supplied chemicals and dyeing solutions.

This also marked the first time we included multiple designers. Each of the four looks in the collection is envisioned and brought to life by a different creative team—Meidea, Lucia Chain, Anatt Finkler and Vanessa Troice of Global Denim, and Alice Rossi, Francesca Mitolo, Maddalena Rapuano or Ren Collective.

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