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Crescent Bahuman Implements PaperTale’s Tracing Solution

Pakistan’s Crescent Bahuman Limited (CBL) is the latest to implement tracing technology at its denim factory.

The vertically integrated garment manufacturer recently partnered with PaperTale, a Swedish blockchain-based technology solution that enables what it calls “radical transparency” for brands and factories. Currently, the technology serves fashion brands, and will eventually expand to other consumer goods industries.

PaperTale’s app tracks all stages of denim production—from the raw material to the finished pair of jeans—with every step of the process registered and verified. Its impact calculator enables CBL to measure its carbon footprint, as well as its usage of natural resources like water. After downloading the app and scanning a product tag, both CBL’s customers and end users will be able to track the lifecycle of each pair of jeans down to the factory workers who made the product.

CBL’s PaperTale implementation continues the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability, which includes the use of regenerated materials from traceable sources, as well as the recent development of a state-of-the-art, in-house post-consumer waste (PCW) recycling unit. The company plans to make 80 percent of its fabric with recycled materials by the end of 2023.

“We are really excited to partner with PaperTale to implement this unique breakthrough solution,” said Zaki Saleemi, CBL vice president, strategy. “Transparency is embedded in the DNA of CBL’s business philosophy, and we will be able to provide real-time data to our valued customers with just a single click. Blockchain technology promises the utmost data safety and reliability, thus enabling CBL to have a completely traceable supply chain.”

The need for transparency kicked into high gear during the Covid-19 pandemic, when supply chain disruptions highlighted the need for better insight into denim’s lifecycle. Last month, Pakistan denim manufacturer Soorty announced a partnership with Swiss technology company Haelixa Ltd. to trace and support claims related to the recycled cotton used in its denim products. Around that same time, Cone Denim extended its partnership with tracing solution Oritain across its global platform to verify the origin of its cotton.

“We believe that this collaboration will pave the way for a new industry standard, and this will encourage those stakeholders in the supply chain who want to produce ethically and sustainably,” said Bilal Bhatti, PaperTale CEO.