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Crystal International Births a Very Green Jean

Crystal International has made a net-zero five-pocket.

As part of the company’s announced goal to be 100 percent net zero by 2050, the Hong Kong-based global apparel manufacturer’s denim division, Crystal Denim, participated in the HKQAA pilot Net-Zero Certificate Scheme and created the first-ever net-zero jean certified by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), a group that provides conformity assessment and accreditation services of environmental, quality, social and other management systems.

Crystal Denim said it is the first and only company to receive this certification at a product level. In addition to the Achievement of Net-Zero Certificate awarded to Crystal Denim, Crystal International earned the Commitment to Net-Zero Certificate at the group level.

The first of Crystal International’s completely net-zero products to be made, the jean was created with low climate impact and with sustainable materials. Crystal Denim deployed decarbonization efforts throughout all manufacturing processes, including the application of laser technology, usage of an onsite solar PV system for energy saving, adoption of advanced frontloading washing machines, a drying hanger system for the pre-drying process and advanced energy-saving dryers. The company further offset residual carbon emissions by supporting a reforestation program in Nicaragua.

A collaborative effort, the jean was produced with fabric from Advance Denim and shank buttons by Li Wai Metal Manufactory Ltd.

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“We believe net zero product is achievable. The Achievement of Net-Zero Certificate is our first step to identify the significance of climate impact at each stage of the product lifecycle. We always rethink how a product could create lesser climate impact and how we could adopt more green elements from design to manufacturing stages,” said Miles Lam, assistant general manager of sales and business development at Crystal Denim.

“We also look forward to collaborating with different fashion brands and supply chain partners to further continue the development of more net zero products,” he added.

To stress its commitment to being net zero by 2050, Crystal International has also just launched a stand-alone website,, dedicated to showcasing its strategies and achievements toward that aim.

The group, which produces five product segments (lifestyle, denim, intimates, sweaters and sportswear/outdoor), takes ESG seriously. It has planted nearly 3 million trees in the last 15 years to reforest the planet and recently rooted 100,000 mangroves in the villages of Banishanta Union in the Khulna Division of Bangladesh.

It also debuted a state-of-the-art warehouse in Vietnam that makes better use of land space and promotes worker safety.

In 2016 Crystal International was ranked 17 out of 50 in Fortune magazine’s “Change the World” list, a roster that recognizes companies that have made significant social and environmental contributions.