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Garmon Drives Efficiency with New Dispersing Agent

Though anti-backstaining agents are considered a commodity in the denim industry, Garmon Chemicals’s new technology serves as a reminder that not all dispersing agents are the same.

The San Marino-based chemicals company owned by Kemin Textile Auxiliaries recently launched Fortes Gems, a high performing dispersing agent in solid form for denim garment applications.

By being in a concentrated form, Garmon says the solution achieves the “best performance possible in the jeans anti-backstaining category” and improves denim laundries’ processes and efficiency and lower costs.

The agent is Bluesign certified and included in the ZDHC Gateway at level 3.

Fortes Gems is especially beneficial in achieving the vintage-inspired stonewash effects brands are vying for this season. “The stronger a stone washing treatment, the higher the indigo bleeding: this simple rule means that to have more abrasion on a denim garment, you must disperse a higher quantity of indigo in the water,” Garmon stated.

If the process is performed with a poor dispersing agent, the indigo will re-deposit on the fabric, resulting in a bluer garment. At this point, Garmon said a brand would typically have to clean the fabric with an ozone-based treatment, which increases treatment times and costs.

“The undesired outcome from the bad performance of a dispersing agent may decrease the performance of a stone washing treatment, reducing the overall productivity of a denim laundry,” the company stated.

With Fortes Gems, product dosage is lower, so a single package lasts longer. It can also be easily diluted with room temperature, but to achieve a faster dilution, it’s preferable the use warm water. Other benefits of Fortes Gems include lower transportation and storage costs.