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Avery Dennison Adds Tech to Transnomadica’s Vintage Curation

Ron Herman’s Melrose Avenue store in Los Angeles is now home to a special installation centered on technology and vintage clothing.

The store bowed a unique selection of vintage apparel from upcycled apparel brand Transnomadica featuring label solutions company Avery Dennison’s digital care label. By scanning the care label’s QR code, consumers can learn more about the garment’s origin, instructions on how to care for it and how to prolong its lifecycle, after which it provides garment recyclers with necessary composition information.

Avery Dennison developed the tool in 2021 in partnership with Ambercycle, a L.A.-based, post-consumer garment recycler. Powered by Avery Dennison’s data platform, the tool enables better traceability and transparency across the supply chain and opens opportunities for new digital revenue streams.

Transnomadica, led by Atelier & Repairs co-founder Maurizio Donadi, curated the vintage items in partnership with the Ron Herman buying team and updated a portion of the selection.

Ron Herman carries a selection of vintage apparel from Transnomadica featuring label solutions company Avery Dennison’s digital care label.
Digital care label Courtesy

“What I find most thrilling about this collaboration is the union of three businesses all of which are unique in their fields,” Donadi said. “The outcome combines talent, a love for quality products, the power to inspire and a willingness to embrace new technology. It’s via this innovation that we have an opportunity to better educate customers about vintage garments. This is not a flea market story, these are beautiful products that have been slightly tweaked to make them live longer.”

He added that the partnership combines “heritage with technology,” and should inspire brands to explore technology’s potential to transform the fashion industry.

Products span jeans, button-down shirts sweatshirts and more. “This is a capsule collection in its truest sense, further emphasizing the positive impact of collaboration and community, which the brand is built from,” added Ruben Leal, men’s buying director at Ron Herman. “The digital element captures the unique narrative and reveals it to those who want to hear it.”