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Bangladesh Denim Expo Adopts Supply Chain Standards for Exhibitors

Denim trade show organizers are slowly becoming more selective of their exhibitors.

The Bangladesh Denim Expo (BDE) is the latest to require exhibitors to meet certain corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental and chemical usage standards. The organizer modeled its requirements after the protocol Kingpins used for its April 2019 event in Amsterdam.

The protocol, which Kingpins encourages other trade events to adopt, requires all exhibiting denim mills to provide proof of compliance with existing industry standards and certifications including SA8000, WRAP, BSCI, ETI, FLA or SEDEX-SMETA. To develop the standards, it worked with The ZDHC Foundation, an organization that promotes the global implementation of safer chemical management practices.

“When we started the process of requiring CSR, environmental and chemical standards from our exhibitors, we hoped that other trade shows would follow our lead and adopt similar protocols,” Andrew Olah, founder of Kingpins Show and Kingpins Transformers, said.

“We wanted to set the example and encourage other events to use their influence to help guide the industry into a more responsible and sustainable direction,” Olah added. “Kingpins believes that trade shows must be a force for good—not simply act as a platform upon which the industry performs financial transactions. Bangladesh Denim Expo implementing our standards is hugely gratifying.”

BDE, which serves to promote Bangladesh to a wider audience of fashion professionals, will host its next show Nov. 5-6 in Dhaka and include an estimated 100 exhibitors. It is aptly centered on a theme of “responsibility.”

“Our objective is not only to promote and improve the denim industry within Bangladesh, but also to encourage sustainable, transparent business practices that benefit both the people of our country and the global environment as a whole,” Mostafiz Uddin, founder and CEO of BDE, said. “Like the organizers of Kingpins Show, we believe that trade shows have the opportunity to hold the industry accountable and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.”