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Bangladesh Denim Expo is Making Denim History

Ask and you shall receive.

After unprecedented demand from potential and existing exhibitors—combined with attendee requests to increase the number of exhibiting companies—the organizers of the Bangladesh Denim Expo are executing a series of ambitious plans for the trade show’s November 2019 edition.

The much-anticipated next edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo, organized by Bangladesh Apparel Exchange, is set to take place on Nov. 5-6 at the International Convention City Bashundhara in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A new, purpose-built event area, adjacent to the existing ICCB Hall 4 building, will host the in-demand expansion, with the international denim community well-represented by a series of premier companies presenting the latest in denim developments and innovations for the Autumn/Winter 2021 season.

Boasting an expanded roster of nearly 100 local and international denim industry exhibitors—with visitors predicted to exceed 9,000—the Bangladesh Denim Expo offers the ideal environment for discovering the latest in denim trends and advances in sustainable denim production techniques within the country.

Established five years ago to serve as an international platform showcasing the wealth of opportunities available in Bangladesh, the Expo covers all aspects of the denim supply chain. Exhibitors display fabrics, garments, threads, machinery, finishing equipment and accessories, positioning the show as a true top-to-toe representation of Bangladesh’s denim industry—the second largest denim exporter to the EU and third largest to the U.S.

Its underlying concept is to fulfill the needs of the international denim community, offering the opportunity to make new contacts, discover new products and gain a comprehensive overview of the latest developments available from the region.

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“The Expo is the right place for gaining connections, to see our customers and to share ideas about the denim market,” said Alice Tonello, R&D director of Tonello SRL. “For us at Tonello, it is very important to participate in Bangladesh Denim Expo, as many of our customers are here, and it is the perfect environment for us to extend our network of connections within Bangladesh.”

Now in its fifth year and 11th edition, the Expo has grown from all angles, with increases in attendees, exhibitors, and international recognition from visitors and trade press. It’s now widely regarded as the most prestigious denim trade event in the region, helping promote Bangladesh and its denim industry to a broader national and international audience.

Each Expo presents a theme to promote discussion among exhibitors, guests and invited speakers, intended to inform attendees and the trade about issues surrounding sustainability, transparency, circularity and better business practices for adoption by the local and international denim community. Previous Expos have championed causes surrounding sustainability to provide an informative platform for visitors and exhibitors alike.

“In my view over the last five years, the Denim Expo has served its purpose very well,” said Roger Hubert, regional head of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ethiopia for H&M. “It has raised the interest globally in the nation’s denim industry, and it has raised the level of sustainability as an important topic throughout the industry.”

Sabine Kühnl, editor in chief of Sportswear International, agreed, noting of the May 2019 Expo: “I think it was a great event and great to see exhibitors from around the world, especially from Bangladesh,” she commented. “It’s always a great experience to find out what innovations are around, to find the latest in sustainability and learn what is going on in the denim business in Bangladesh.”

The theme for the 11th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo will be “Responsibility,” addressing the level of social, environmental and economic responsibility the apparel industry holds to ensure products are produced in the most ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Conducting business and developing products within the denim industry can have far-reaching consequences on the environment, on the people making the products, and on the products’ end use and lifespan. Bangladesh Denim Expo believe that it’s the duty of all stakeholders in the apparel industry to acknowledge this responsibility and to analyze our business practices, for the benefit of all. Through a series of static product displays, presentations, seminar sessions and panel discussions, the Expo will encourage healthy debate and interaction among exhibitors and visitors to champion a more responsible denim industry.

Bangladesh Denim Expo has truly cemented itself as a much-anticipated event in the international denim calendar, allowing new business relationships to be forged and to inform the local and international denim community about the diversity of sustainable denim production available within the country.

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