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Bluezone to Introduce a New Festival-Inspired Outdoor Space

The next edition of Munich Fabric Start’s Bluezone will reinforce denim’s sense of community and discovery.

The show, taking place Sept. 4-5 at the Munich MOC and Zenith centers, will be the largest Bluezone yet with more than 100 international brands in the denim and sportswear categories showcasing their latest fabric developments.

For the first time, the outdoor area around Bluezone will be used as additional exhibition space. The street festival-inspired space, called the Blue Yard, will offer a blend of old and new, showcasing a mix of vintage showrooms and exhibits that revolve around new technologies.

The show’s overriding theme for the season, “Perpetuum Blue,” reflects how the denim industry is in a state of constant motion. Through trend displays, workshops and presentations, Bluezone will bring to life how “parallel universes” like high fashion and non-fashion are developing in the denim sector.

New exhibitors at the already sold-out show include Desert Studio, Pizarro Wiser, Hyosung Creora and Imatex.

Fashion label Atelier & Repair will also present a collection in partnership with Candiani and Lenzing. Italian denim mill Berto will present its Pianeta fabric development made with upcycled production scraps.

Pakistan-based mills will showcase the sustainable inroads they’re taking. Rantex will introduce an eco-color concept, while Soorty will bring its Zero Waste Water collection. Meanwhile, Naveena will present its flexible performance technology, Wraptech.

Show concepts that break out of the traditional convention center walls are on the up and up, particularly in the denim sphere. Last year Denim Première Vision hosted a denim pop-up street in Le Marais. Open to the public, the temporary storefronts sold collections from avant-garde designers like Fade Out Label, Hannah Brabon and Knorts.

And this year Denim Days, which launched in Amsterdam in 2014, continues to expand its reach in the U.S. The consumer-facing event will take place in New York City for a second time Sept. 22-23 and in Nashville for the first time Nov. 10-11.