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Denim Premiere Vision Replaces Next Show with Digital Event

Denim Première Vision is going digital this fall with a new week-long online event. With parts of Europe experiencing a spike in Covid cases, the digital show will fully replace the physical show that was scheduled to take place in Berlin Nov. 24-25.

From Nov. 30-Dec. 4, the online platform will showcase exhibitors’ Spring/Summer 2022 collections of materials, trims and other product developments. The event will also dive into key fabric and style trends to watch as well as shifts in the market, led by talks with experts and key industry players and masterclasses.

The program includes a trend presentation by Première Vision’s fashion team and a second presentation curated by Lucia Rosin, founder of Meidea design studio, that will analyze new trends in cuts and silhouettes. Giusy Bettoni, a sustainable development consultant for Première Vision, will host two conversations on the industry’s challenges in terms of sustainable development. And Alessio Berto, founder of The Tailor Pattern Support, will present two workshops to assist brands in creating their future collections.

Trade show organizers have turned to online events to help fill the void left by the cancelation of in-person events. When the May edition of Denim Première Vision in Milan was canceled due to the pandemic, Première Vision Paris welcomed denim exhibitors to its digital event in September.

Denimandjeans launched a virtual format with online panels and conversations. Kingpins introduced Kingpins24 earlier this year—a telethon of sorts centered around new denim innovations—as well as Kingpins Exchange, a digital material showroom.

Denim Première Vision is supporting its online event with Première Vision Marketplace, which denim exhibitors began joining in May 2019. Through the marketplace, exhibitors can upload their collections online with no limit on the quantity of products presented, nor any constraints in terms of commitment or duration.

The trade show is also creating “a more interactive and functional digital catalog” that will integrate companies’ multimedia content like videos and images.

Denim Première Vision is optimistic about in-person events returning in 2021. The show plans to return to Milan May 25-26, and Berlin Nov. 16-17, 2021.